Real friends (Edited this one a bit)
A person may know a wide variety of people
But quality outweighs quantity
True friends are distinguishable
Friends have a special bond
Not by blood but by soul
The hearts of friends are immeasurable
A good friend will defend you
An acquaintance likely would not
A few good friends is all you need
A tiny social circle of very close friends
Ones you can trust no matter what may arise
They will help in any way they can
A friend will make time for you
You can laugh and joke and nothing is offensive
Giggle and chuckle all hours of the night
Conversations are limitless
Topics are random
One discussion leads to another with a good friend
Secrets can be shared between close friends
Things never to be repeated are safe with them
When you see your friend after a few days apart
You smile when you see them across the room
You instantly become happier and better
Dark days become brighter
© Schizology