String of Pearls
String of Pearls
In the graceful arc of a strand of pearls,
I witness the passage of time,
Every radiant bead a moment embraced,
A tale interwoven in glistening threads.

The initial pearl, delicate and pure,
Symbolizes the genesis of a connection,
A mother's love unfurled,
A daughter's hand to grasp.

As the strand lengthens and expands,
So does the bond between them,
Through laughter, tears, and unspoken understanding,
Each pearl a milestone, a cherished memory.

Some pearls may lose their luster,
Touched by the trials of life,
But the resilience of the strand endures,
A mother's love unwavering.

When the strand is passed along,
From mother to daughter,
The cycle remains unbroken,
A legacy of love and strength.

In the intricate dance of pearls,
I perceive the beauty of a mother-daughter relationship,
A connection that surpasses words,
© Simrans