I Wrote You a Love Letter
I wrote you a love letter but it just wouldn’t do
The words felt empty, like hollow promises
A feeble attempt to capture the depth of my feelings
But they fell short, unable to convey the true essence

I poured my heart onto the page, ink bleeding
Each word a reflection of the love I hold for you
But even the most eloquent phrases felt inadequate
In the face of the magnitude of my emotions

I longed for the letter to be a vessel for my love
To carry it to you, to wrap you in its warmth
But it remained a mere collection of letters and punctuation
Unable to encapsulate the depth of my devotion

So I set the letter ablaze, watching the flames dance
As they consumed the inadequate words and paper
Releasing my love into the universe, unbound by constraints
For my love for you is too vast to be contained in a letter

I wrote you a love letter but it just wouldn’t do
For my love transcends the limitations of language
It is a force that can only be felt in the depths of the soul
A love that defies the boundaries of written words.