In the heart's deepest caverns, where love once bloomed,
There now echoes a melancholy tune,
A poetry of breakup, written in tears,
In the shadowed landscape of fears.

Words left unspoken, promises broken,
A symphony of sorrow, a heart shattered, awoken.
Whispers of memories, haunting the night,
A love once vibrant, now fades from sight.

Like a fragile petal drifting in the wind,
Love's delicate dance comes to an end.
The echoes of laughter now fade away,
As two souls part, on separate ways.

Yet in the midst of this heartache and pain,
A glimmer of hope, a flickering flame,
For from breakup's ashes, new beginnings arise,
And in the tears shed, the spirit flies.

So let this poetry of breakup serve as a guide,
To heal the wounds, and reclaim pride.
For in the depths of sorrow, a phoenix can rise,
And love's tender flame never truly dies.