Likes me, Likes me Not...
Sitting on the grass yard,
plucking the white flower
she began to think about him,

likes me, likes me not
likes me, likes me not

Her face had different emotions
hanging out within a different seconds
happy for likes me,
sad for likes me not,

And then he smiles
and hand over a orchid
of white flowers to her...

thousands of Happiness
into her heart when
he saw him, smiling
with white flowers!

the flower he gave to her
had a letter tag;
it reads....


she was crying and trying to
express her thoughts,
but the deaf father wouldn't hear it
but Understand as like no one can understand it....

Her dumb daughter tries
to speak, first time in her life
just only for him...

only their eyes are in motion
to express their love,
and that's so pure about it
there heart and eyes connected well...

the dad and daughter lived happily
in their own abilities world,
they don't think this is a disability
to connect with their life
but a extra happiness to persuade
more and more happiness!


© Ninin✨