sorry, I can no longer help hide your flaws....
at first I'd been willing to assist you with any thing then you played me you must be noticing that everyone is pulling out of any arrangements that they may have with you I noticed ... to this I can not say I had anything to do with at all.

you know what your problem is your way of going about each day is lacking in truth and authenticity for one and for two I am finding it hard to keep it covered up your cover will be blown it's time to switch it up before shit hits the fan and sprays the wall.

the best advice I can give is do your best to fix what you need to fix rearrange the way you get down and erase the things that you give if they only harm others that's a good place to start if any it's too late for a reset or do over just go from here try it again and again if needed again.

in this lifetime ain't no way of ever really knowing what's real and what ain't all that we can do is remain humble and always pay attention to what's in front of you keep a ear to everything behind you give a hand to whatever's standing to either side of you play to loose and you may not win.
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