In the quiet depths of solitude,
anagapesis takes root,
a shadowed ache that lingers,
unseen, unfelt, unspoken.

Lost in the labyrinth of the heart,
where echoes of love once danced,
now silence reigns, a mournful symphony
of what could have been, but never was.

The soul, a fragile vessel,
adrift in a sea of longing,
yearning for a touch that never comes,
a warmth that never envelops.

In the emptiness of unrequited love,
anagapesis finds its home,
a bittersweet companion,
a reminder of a love unreturned.

Yet still, in the darkness,
a flicker of hope remains,
a whisper of what might yet be,
a fragile, tenuous thread of possibility.
Anagapesis - loss of feelings for someone who was once loved.