whispers of nature
In whispered woods where shadows play,
And dappled light in branches sway,
Nature's canvas, rich and deep,
A tapestry where dreams may seep.

In meadows green, where flowers bloom,
And fragrant breezes chase the gloom,
The dance of life in every blade,
A symphony where joys cascade.

Above, the sky, a vast expanse,
Where clouds like dreams in motion dance,
The sun, a painter's brush in hand,
In hues of gold and orange grand.

Beside the streams that softly flow,
Where time moves slow, in tranquil glow,
The melody of water's song,
In harmony with nature strong.

On mountains high, in peaks that soar,
Where eagles glide forevermore,
A whisper of eternity,
In every rock and ancient tree.

Nature's beauty, wild and free,
A mirror to the soul, you see,
For in its depths, we find our part,
Connected to its beating heart.

So let us walk with gentle tread,
And let our hearts and minds be fed,
By all the wonders that endure,
In nature's realm, serene and pure.
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