I might not hope but wonder why
I might never see the light reason with my self to not deserve to stop and finally see the light of how things are that I am strong and will never flop and be in strop and be angry just because i can't have everything I ever dreamed you have to be determined and strong and not wish for what might not be right for me and say done with to day the world
giving up and taking a step back from life isn't a crime but a passion for getting thing right a daze and confused moment of self rightousness have I not been though thick and thin and though those nail bitting moments of what if blind by the love of good and my very existence of anger for today and how thing plan out pan out but evident of past nothing ever changes or you are who you are I dnt try and say goodbye to who iam that I will never forgot who iam and mistakes or time out really help to step back and say hang on a minute I didn't do so bad at life and even if I did what it to me to be to harsh on myself and question self worth and my very existance that I need to do every tiny detail that never change a thing in an instant of pain staking self rightousness as an indecisiveness that stop time and is an over exaggeration of pass and in that respect I shy away way from life to re invent me as I miss the old me geting to know me the real me is scary never again bye by me as I will be obvious and never read this rubbish poem of self loaving and time wasting resentment yet again will I find my self here wishing wondering waiting for nothing on particular or am I
no way no way is this poem to short writing is a foray of silence that should be repected to the end of time that we dnt hear in till we completely understand that it mean nothing to write this poem and then forget I ever try to write a poem

Rebecca Helen louose west wrote this poem not because she was sad nessisary but did anyway try to write this poem not write well exactly just a poem a moment soon forgot

former art student rebecca helen louise west

© Rebecca Helen Louise west