Remembering Mattayo
In shadows cast upon my soul,
A tale of love and loss I hold,
Remembering Mattayo, so dear,
Whose memory brings both joy and tear.

He was the love that warmed my heart,
A bond created from the start,
Our love, a symphony so sweet,
A union steeped in love's complete.

Fate's abrupt turn, a sudden woe,
Took him away, with a cruel blow.
My heart shattered, plunged into despair,
Left with memories, tattered and bare.

Yet through the darkness, hope emerged,
A precious gift, a life converged,
In my son, I see Mattayo's gaze,
In every smile, the past replays.

The spitting image of his dad,
A living homage, never sad,
Reminiscent of the love we shared,
A bittersweet reminder, beautifully paired.

In his eyes, I see a glimpse of grace,
A reflection of Mattayo's embrace,
In his laughter, echoes of the past,
A love that forever, steadfast.

I hold him close, I hold him near,
Whispering to him, he need not fear,
For though Mattayo may be gone,
His love and spirit shall live on.

And so I embrace this precious legacy,
A son who embodies a cherished memory.
Through his eyes, his laughter, his gentle ways,
Mattayo's love endures, in an everlasting blaze.

© jaylinestarr