These lives we live
Should we choose to thrive
Sometimes things pass by
Or the ones we truly love suddenly die
Without a second thought
One fatal dose of a deadly shot
Gone are the ones we'll never truly know
The things that you or I can't ever throw
The pain they must have felt
What have they been dealt?
Unsafe and totally lost
What's going to be the final cost?
For they never asked for help
Hello what are you really doing
I know what I feel
So I'm learning how to deal
The voices in my head
Makes me feel like most days wish I was dead
They scream so loud
Sleep is my only outlet
For now I feel that no one
Will ever truly miss me
When they leave me be
Relapse is a reality
Leave me alone
I just want to be in my zone
For at the end of the day
When it's time to hit the hay
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