When I saw her...
When I saw her the first time,
The sky was pouring its love,
As the rain's symphony pleased the land,
She gave the dead soul a hope to live again.

Slightly poured upon,
Holding tightly, her umbrella,
The droplets slid by her soft arms,
Hair beautifully entwined as she cast a glance upon me.

Another time it was a bright day,
She walked elegantly, gracefully towards me,
Her face shined as gold when the warm rays kissed her cheeks,
To smother each other with joy, was the sole purpose.

Then I knew she rejoiced me as much as I did to her,
Was it a miracle or a coincidence,
Every time I saw her, she was more graceful than ever,
She was the moon to my eyes, the beat to my heart.

But soon and suddenly everything started to fade,
So much that it faded, I felt as if a part of me was missing,
Again was it a miracle or a coincidence but the light she lit in my heart still guides me apart,
I still carry her memories and picture her every time I navigate through the utter darkness of the world.

Gracefully, elegantly I still thank her!

© RV Patil