The Golden cage
The beauty of mine and love of them ,
ALL i could do is leaving everything behind .
Sometimes i gaze at the moon and think ;
I hope i could be free as you .
My hands are tied to an invisible handcuff ,
And my soul tied to this cage .
The thing which glaze in my eye , is.
I am not allowed to say this .
My life although mine ,
But i lived as if of thy .
They say , you have everything we dream !
Yes , its their actual scheme.
Deprieved of sociality and life .
This is what they want
All i can say is just give me ,
Sorry im not allowed to say this .
The light of my eyes being taken aback .
And thoughts not even mine ,
But all the things that they shouted from behind
Today the flight of the butterflies and the trees all around
Made me think of thy , the one thing that stops me , i.e
Your rage ,
I want to say im not meant for this golden cage

© Dpm

image credit : Pinterest