Whispers in Frames
In the blink of an eye, a world comes alive,
Captured in frames, where moments reside.
The pictures of that one person, hold them near,
They whisper stories that only we can hear.

A single glance, a fleeting glimpse,
And all the world feels nothing, it seems.
In pixels and hues, a refuge we seek,
To escape reality, where spirits speak.

A single photograph, frozen in time,
Unveils the depths of their soul’s sublime.
In whispered secrets and silent cries,
Their essence unfolds, a truth never lies.

As we trace their features with tender eyes,
We unravel mysteries, where the heart lies.
In laughter, in tears, in quiet despair,
Their essence emerges, oh, how we care.

The pictures, a canvas of untold dreams,
Where reality blurs, or so it seems.
They transport us to a realm beyond,
Where love is endless, and wounds are fond.

So let us wander through these realms unknown,
Where the pictures of that one person are sown.
For in these captured moments, we find peace true,
A respite for the soul, a haven we pursue.

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