The Devil's Mark
In the madness of my mind there should be solace in my mind, as this religious mediation acts out her merry little dance

Religious trance, leads me to satan himself, with his preying eyes staring me in the face. It's you I want, within a flash I'm free from the trance

Devil dance inside my mind, thoughts tarnished and battered in my brain. Voices and visions come at will as the devil's dance as left it's mark.

Embark no longer on my Christian path, he's got me on my own. The Doctors await my call to drug and lock me in my cell.

Stairwell to heaven no longer, it's down to dessert and barron. I'll comply to the naked eye then hell will break free

Guarantee I will bore the socks of you, I will moun like no other, I will lift my arms up to the lord give thanks and praise and say thee our father till your blue in the face

Disgrace you are. A job you have to look after the madness. Yet greed and pride come your way, leaving you to search for souls that belong elsewhere.

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