Voices and Other Things on Saturdays
Voices and Other Things on Saturdays:

Sailors with no reason to speak
Talked about money all the time;
They obviously had something else to think about,
-You know what-
And had lost all sense of reality.

The ragged curtains shook in the wind,
Or for another reason;
But it was no big secret;
Some people were moving there
Behind the curtains
Up and down
-You know how-
At rhythmic intervals.

This happened all the time
On Saturday nights
In most of the bars of the side streets,
-You know where-
Of the harbour in my time.
While some harbours were alive
Only at weekends,
Some others were lively and lovely
-You know when-
On all days of the week.
Oh, pubs and bars of back streets, side streets of wharfs and harbours of my youth. They all have memories and adventures of their own types as souvenirs now.
© UnsOzu