Twilight's Descent (2/3): Supernova
Easily noticed or not,
depending on your benevolence,
everything fades away,
down rains a drop of consequence.

What a benevolent star I've been!
But even in the star-studded space,
seems clocks do strike twelve,
now that my midnight is showing its face.

But all of my happy days
are now long gone.
I spend my time, drifting still.
My line is done and drawn.

Not an ounce of empathy,
From all I've made grin.
Humans remain selfish,
the problem lies therein.

Am I just a burnt-out firework?
Do I no longer have what you require?
I fizzle away like smoke and dust,
remade as the flames on my pyre.

With every stone thrown in the water
and every flare shot into the sky,
ripples pulse around and about.
Your actions you'll walk beside.

A gut wrenching resolve
is the murderer inside.
It hollows me still,
where my heart used to reside.

My mind has gone astray,
and my memories are at the door.
I am a matter of perception
with nothing left to restore.

Stardust may scatter,
and stars may eventually die.
Eyes open while I'm alive,
a supernova might pass me by.

© Mustafa Khan 2007