Nothing nor No one
Is there anything or anyone who can break down a true love ?
Nothing nor No one
is stronger than a a true love to break it down!
Nothing nor no one
Can end up a true love
nothing nor No one
has started it
No beginning nor no end
in a true love,
Because it exists eternally
It's itself the beginning and the end!
Nothing nor no one
causes a true love
Because True love is behind
causes and effects
And true love is itself cause and effect!
I love you because I love you
There's no other reason
Cause love is the only reason
Do you want a proof?
Then i allow you to shatter all my heart into thousands pieces !
but at the end i will show you
how great a true love is !
I will show you how much a true love
depends on nothing nor no one
but on itself !
I will forgive you and i will bless you
to show how my love for you is endless and unstoppable!
I will show you how much
my love for you is true!
I love you
Nothing nor no one can stop me.

© M.Daniel