In the shadows she lurks, a chilling sight,
Her heart consumed by darkness, devoid of light.
With each victim she takes, the terror ignites,
She is a serial killer, haunting the night.

Her eyes, cold and piercing, like a predator's gaze,
She moves with stealth, leaving no trace.
Her hands, stained with blood, a macabre display,
She is a serial killer, with souls to slay.

Silent whispers follow her, whispers of dread,
As she prowls the streets, leaving a trail of dead.
Her laughter echoes, filling the air with dread,
She is a serial killer, with madness widespread.

No one is safe from her twisted desire,
She plays her deadly game, fueling the fire.
Fear grips the town, as the body count gets higher,
She is a serial killer, a nightmare to admire.

Darkness surrounds her, as she embraces her role,
A master of deception, she takes control.
Her victims, mere pawns, in her wicked soul,
She is a serial killer, with a heart black as coal.

But beware, my friend, for the night is her domain,
A chilling presence, leaving behind a stain.
She is a serial killer, forever to remain,
In the depths of horror, she shall forever reign.
© SapphireWrites☄️🌺