6PM in Paris
I’m almost the age you died at.
Remember I used to tell you I won’t see 18?
You’d get angry and call me an idiot.

It’s been 6 years…
I forget people, but it’s like you’re still here,
Keeping me sane like you did back then.

I’ve almost done it all.
I’ve seen Paris. Remember what you told me?
It’s just as ugly as you said it was.

You always knew I’d make it;
Even though I lost the spark in my eyes,
That’s just something that goes away in time.

Most of my dreams are now in reach.
Money isn’t a thing, but time is ticking.
And I feel I might see you again soon sometimes.

I hate myself for forgetting your voice.
I could never forget the green of your eyes.
I can never forget you; you saved my life.
© edw6rd

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