Sea of Life
I'm lost, lost to the sea of life.
I used to do my best with relative ease,
but right now, I'm drowning.
Barely hanging from a thread of hope.
I can't find my way out to see and land in paradise.
I'm lost in this sea of life.

Barely surviving, but the storm is too strong.
I don't know where I will go anymore.
Every time I reach out to something,
it falls apart.
Will this be my demise?
If so, what does the afterlife look like?

I'm losing hope,
drowning too much to the part where
I can't see any more light.
The waves keep pulling me back.
Think, think, think, what do I lack?
To survive this sea of life and land in paradise.

I am slowly losing consciousness,
I sense the brink of death,
There is no more hope left.
All I feel is emptiness while drowning
in this darkness.

Is this it?
The last breath?
The last moment?
My life's flashing right in front of me.
I don't want any more regrets that will bind me.

I already find myself helpless.
I hate this.
I feel so worthless.
This sea of life is ruthless.
Is there still hope to survive this?
Will I be able to tell a story of how
I got through this madness?

© SupangWritings
Dec 25, 2022