Heart Stayed Broken
Be prepared for the hurt,
I know I've not forgotten it's feel,
Accept the fact it'll all be gone,
And to myself will it's memory fell all to real,
left with more wounds next to all the ones that refuse to heal,
Absolute insanity to deny though I know that it will.
It comes down to the heart of broken hearts to refute the way,
Though before I have never taken,
Because I was always too blinded by my heart stayed broken,
My words all mean nothing if not the same in my actions were spoken,
I don't want to be the cause of another heart stayed broken.
The here and now of my heart feels perfectly in place,
And I get lost in the temporary forever seen in your face,
All my damage exposed to you may make you fall from grace,
So what do I do? Do I keep it now and pretend it won't fade away,
Do I choose to go before my storm or do stay,
Seems regardless I'll be hurting with the words I'll come to say,
And I'll be hated all over again,
Feeling the inevitable misery of the same old same old always been,
Seems love is the one game of life I was never meant to win.
How hard will this fall be and wide spread its distruction,
why have I done this again. I'm not ready for more pain...

© justin_ur_imagination