Another Gloomy Day
Stepping out your door expecting a sun on high,
though gray clouds are seen instead of blue sky.
With dark clouds hanging overhead full of rain,
as they threaten to dampen desires you did restrain.

Hoping to relax on a beach beneath warm sunlight,
without any reminders of life within your sight.
Forgetting for a while all problems which assail,
so clarity might be found in regards to skin pale.

Hidden too long by material that freedom restricts,
in a world where conformity inherently depicts.
What should be done to be considered as normal,
even though it seems pointless and quite dismal.

When light disappears out of sight into oblivion,
it's hard to keep dreams safe from dark dominion.
Threatening thoughts of happiness with futility,
which prevent hope from achieving any visibility.

Keep a positive outlook and regardless of circumstance,
something good will happen even though happenstance.
Look past gray skies and see sunlight shine warm,
holding your dreams close to ride out the storm

© Renopoet