Put off the bottle cap Mentality.
It's not about what is befalling on the students of Pakistan and India in Kyrgyzstan, it's up to the (public) and when I put the public in the middle. It is not a provocation and neither, it is any attempt to heat up the surroundings the fact that. It is the truth of this subcontinental system. If you currently go to the parents of those who are actually are facing this situation and you ask them, to be a Nationalist then they would speak things that would unwrap the core of this society, because it's not about (Mera Mulk) ya (Mera Desh). It's about putting up the dedication and using the education to construct solid values but, we as the people of the subcontinent only want to live and die after a false self- Respect which is the hollow image that they look for to fit themselves.