STRENGTH. &. Grace
I'm of strength and grace,
She built a kingdom, her heart's own space.
With walls of resilience, she crafted her domain,
A sanctuary where love would forever reign.

Each stone placed with tender care,
For she knew the battles her heart would bear.
Her kingdom's treasures, a love so pure,
Guarded fiercely, of this she was sure.

Through trials and storms, she stood tall,
Defending her heart, she would never fall.
With courage as her armor, she faced the fight,
Protector of her kingdom, both day and night.

No trespassers allowed within her gate,
Only those worthy, who'd appreciate.
Her love, her strength, her tender soul,
Would be cherished and honored, the ultimate goal.

For she knew the power that lay within,
Her love a force that could conquer sin.
Her kingdom flourished, a beacon of light,
Guiding lost souls towards love's eternal flight.

So let her heart be defended, strong and true,
In her kingdom, love will always renew.
For she is the queen, ruler of her own fate,
A fortress of love, that none can abate.
© cynfully