Prophet Adam
When the world was first created,
And Allah’s first creation was fully created.
Allah decided to name his first human creation Adam.
He was sent to live on Earth with his wife.
The logic behind this is God would never allow other humans to be on here during this time when the world was first clean and no humans had ever sinned. And the first human that caused blood shed was Adam’s son. Since then, the world has been going down hill, since everything is universal energy.
Your actions and your words create vibrations and frequency. The earth was created by God’s pure energies and it was not contaminated. Animals are not accountable for anything in the eyes of God. As Allah (god) has created us in his image to choose from right and wrong and animals do not have that capacity or capability or that intelligence. Animals are given survival instincts and to hunt in order to survive. Man on the other hand are given survival instincts too but if God decided that he wants to do something then he is all wise and all powerful. The Earth was created for humans and animals and there are other mystical creatures living here which you do not know. The earth could be a peaceful place to live on if humans learnt to live and respect each other and caused no corruption. When you create bad actions it creates bad energy and you’re sending it out to the universe now that energy affects empaths. Humans need to be more mindful with their words and their actions and learn to be selfless instead of selfish. When God gave me Islam, everything started to make sense.

Thank you for reading.
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