2 AM’s are for those
who love the loved.
yet whose love shall never be adored.

tears tracing roadmaps,
the silent soliloquy never to be witnessed are by those
who shall love more than ever be loved.

the girl in the corner,
is her who shall be your true love,
yet no one notices the corners enough.

the emptiness in her stomach reflects the loneliness in her heart.
a void left by the one deemed her counterpart
whom she loved more than the limits of tangible love.

she overlooks the bay of an ocean
with depths beyond the grasp of love’s own comprehension.
yet she sinks since her love’s silent admirer is forever unseen.

she pens verses of love in her book,
those poetic declarations shall remain unread.
if you chance upon this last verse,
you might be the unwitting protagonist of her tale unsaid.
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