With hopes as bright as the morning sun,
We dream of a world where we all are one.
Where love and kindness will always prevail,
And peace and harmony will never fail.

With hopes as strong as a mighty oak,
We strive for a future without despair's smoke.
Where nature thrives and the earth is pure,
And every heart is filled with love so sure.

With hopes as pure as a crystal stream,
We yearn for a world where we all can gleam.
Where justice reigns and freedom soars,
And every soul is valued and adored.

In the end, our hopes will prevail,
For in the face of darkness, we will not fail.
For the future we seek is within our reach,
With hopes as our guide, the lessons we teach.

Together we journey, in unity,
For the world we envision is meant to be.
With hopes as our compass, we will find our glory,
For the world we dream of, is a story.

© Sunita Pathania

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