teenage feels like
I want to heart to know that
it wasn't my fault
letting go is never easy at all
I had no choice but to remain quiet
as I try to fight all my nightmares
they're coming to life
cuz of all the things I had to endure
and the pain I had to hide it all
until I can't no more
sometimes a phase of life
just lives with you forever
and you can't erase it
you just gotta learn
how to live with all the hurt
you wanna share things with the people
but then it hits you
that no one's actually there
everyone have different priorities
and then you realise
that no body cares
then tell me how do I let it all go
when I've barely learnt how to take control
of my mind or my life
cuz no one tells me how to cope
with the sudden shift in life
why didn't nobody tell me
this is what teenage feels like!

© poetforlife