Adored my Inner Child,
used to.
She was so happy.
Innocent and Free.
She was pure joy and comfort.

Never was to be scared
to come out to play.
Even in front of others,
She was never shy.

Slowly forgotten
more and more
And then, all the time.
No more love for her, what was it?That you didn't wanna take care of her?

Punishing Her and Reprimanding Her, your only consistency.
Mostly for feelings.
Her feeling small
In Bad Ways.
Making her hide, deep down inside.

She doesn't like when you're mean.
Let Her Be Silly
Or let her be Sweet.

She loves her comfort. Her safety.
Where she can do whatever she wanted.
Be whoever she had to be
to get through the day

You made her Littlespace
Into a Sad place,
that she stays
in just a tiny corner of a room
Or locked in a closet.
But ya know,
I guess Sad-Space is better than
No Space.

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