Her chest, a finest vessel of curved and bold,
An oasis of love where my all dreams belong.
And beneath its layers of soft pink glossy skin.
A rhythm echoes from heart with fiery hum.
With each breath she incites a melodic play,
imbued with scripts of love in a hypnotic way.

With each tender caress, her crest softly rises.
To be cared & tasted as its peaks lustily stiffens
Lured by gentle flirty signs from her open arms,
I burry my face to its warmth to ease my storms.
A fortress of grace, guarding passions within deep,
Where all my desires and emotions makes its leap.

Her chest, a canvas of emotions & intricacies untold.
Where my love's secrets and themes gently unfold.
For in its depths is where her majestic soul resides.
And to exalt her purity is the duty my intents abides.
© augustin