To much to hold in

When I wanna feel close to you
I listen to your favorite song
I am impatient to see your face
No matter what we’re doing as long as we’re are doing it together
Even if our hands are dirty while we eat together
Our hearts will be clean when
The melody of your voice
Is indeed my heart
I have lost my heart
But when I’m with you I truly gain it
I hope I’m really not like the rest
What truly separates me
I don’t know
But I indeed know what separates you from the crowd
My beloved I can spot your smile in the midst of a storm
You are my beautiful rose in the dust
I am nothing but a corrupted jealous man
I just want to love you
I am too angry for your heart
I am sorry
I am your storm
I am your dust
I am what separates me
Oh my goodness
How beautiful the thought of you is
I am in search for food
I found your rhythm
I am in need for water
I have found your spirt
I am in need for life
I found your soul
I told myself I wouldn’t fall for you
But I fell upward toward your heaven
My best friend

© Bitar55