In shadows deep, my secrets lie,
A world of feelings, I can't deny.
Whispers of heartbeats, soft and low,
In hidden chambers, they tend to grow.

Unspoken words, a silent plea,
Wrapped in the shroud of mystery.
Emotions dance, like candle's flame,
A clandestine waltz, they play their game.

In hidden corners, they take flight,
A symphony, veiled from sight.
Yearning, passion, fears untamed,
In the depths of my soul, they're framed.

A tapestry of hues, unseen,
A portrait of what might have been.
These secret feelings, mine to bear,
A tale of dreams, a love affair.

Yet in this silence, strength is found,
In the heart's vault, where they're bound.
For secrets hold a magic key,
To depths of self, they set me free.