Hands Up
Get your hands up if you feel like dying,
And your head down when you feel like crying.
Cause the world is a cruel place,
And the future's unclear.
So we just hold on to what we have,
And cherish what's left of our despair.
Cause the only thing we can do,
Is just keep going,
In the hope the world will stay the same,
But in the back of our mind,
We know that it's all in vain.
But don't give up the hope,
Cause maybe there is another way.
To lift our spirits, to fill us with light,
To show us there is still a reason to say.
The world may be cruel,
But that's how we know we're still alive.
So we keep holding on, as we struggle to survive,
But we still find beauty, in this world so bizarre.

© Nate's Pen Still Works