To our friend's and family. where we find real love
In a world where time dances and serenades,
Where the sun kisses the earth in golden cascades.
In this realm of love and passion untold,
A poem I shall craft, for you, my heart's stronghold.

Oh, beloved, when our eyes first met,
A symphony of emotions, a heart's duet.
In that moment, stars aligned in bliss,
Creating a tapestry where true love exists.

I shall paint a portrait with words divine,
A masterpiece that will forever bind.
With ink and paper as my humble tools,
I'll sculpt verses as if following love's rules.

Like a gentle breeze that caresses the shore,
My words shall touch your soul, forevermore.
For your love, an enchantment I have cast,
And in this poem, our story shall be amassed.

Let the breath of dawn sing its sweet refrain,
As morning dew reflects our love's domain.
In fields of flowers, where fragrances bloom,
I'll weave sonnets, whisper💘🤩
© teddy x