Little Miss Insecure,
The thoughts of her flaws twenty - four -seven,
The way she worries her little head about every imperfect part of her body,
But I must correct her, she's nothing but God's best creation.
She laughed 😅,
Thought I was being sarcastic,
But little did she know I wasn't,
Her dark skin and short hair screamed perfection,
Melanin on point,
Goddess indeed,
Even Aphrodite has been angry since the day of her birth.
Little Miss Insecure,
She speaks about herself so much,
But not in a good way,
It's about her flaws ,
The things she hate about herself ,
How she wish she could be like the others,
pretty, majestic and excellent.
I wonder,
Does she know she has the power to win a pageant contest ,
Why must she talk down on her self,
Oh beautiful she is ,
Well deserved to be in the history books of the most famous queens,
Not only is her looks amazing,
But her level of brilliance is certainly unmatched.
I think she is underestimating herself,
Not giving herself much credit,
Why won't she believe a word I say,
She is indeed magnificent.

© Toneywrites