The lazurus synopsis
Pen a poem about the ONE who gave way to fulfill your desire to write.

I never knew words could be molded into blocks of metaphorical construction that inspire
admiration yet shelter profound meaning;
writing was not a destination within sight to my headlights of ambitious dreaming.
A dexterous inbred acquirement for intellectual minds soaking studiously with research.
Alas,pain made a tool out of a pen digging profusely hard surfaced grounds of my heart to sanctuary hope to perch.
silent screams echoing pain on paper as depression trespass a mind robbing sleep and sanity.
Thoughts burning swiftly like forest fires vanquishing positve spring greenery blooming in my mind with vitality

My voice was emplified with a pen resurrecting skeletons of dead purpose imprisoned in a tomb of silence sinking of despair driving me to seclusion.
Laden with grief unspoken festering in my heart rotting sanity,chocking nostrils of hope with pollution,
A messiah was born in ink and paper offering salvation and redemption to a soul torn with quiet torture dispatching pain with a Shakespearean ability.
Poetry resurrected a desire to feel pain to find a greater healing from the wells of wisdom drying on papers like a prophecy of heaven to the uncertainty of reality.

© luisRupende