Making Amends
Do you ever get into those moods?
Hating and saying no one will ever really know you?
Pushing away people who might actually care,
Because you and your mind are not all that there.
I’m sorry Kalli for what I did to you,
You put in effort to love me and I told you we’re through.
Twisting their kindness into lies,
Say they are fake and a bully in disguise.
But they wanted to love you and you didn’t let them,
Because you were in a mood of know them then regret them.
It’s hard to come back from pushing away,
To creep back to the lives of those you’d gone astray.
Like arguing you’re right then finding out you’re wrong,
Like messing up the words to an old favorite song.
Some will accept you, and some never do,
Don’t push away those who want to keep you.
© Waiteing