Looking up at the night sky being unable to sleep,
in search of someplace where thoughts lie deep.
Out beyond the limits of dreams and wild desire,
being home to distant suns of which poets aspire.

As they travel through ethereal realms far away,
from the world in which they exist every day.
Seemingly trapped between the future and past,
yet able to live in both despite the shadows cast.

Upon people touched by them as they do pass,
through the astral plane which knows not class.
With all being equal in spite of physical appearance,
measured by the purity of their spiritual presence.

Searching for knowledge that's considered
necessary to achieve sight to see their fate hidden.
Becoming part of a world in which all are allowed,
despite objections from them who stand proud.

Within empires made for their personal pleasure,
filled by items thought as precious they treasure.
While the world changes towards better things,
without need for what any empty dream brings.
© Renopoet