I fear the weight my sword holds has grown far more heavier than I could ever carry
My weapon is so damaged it is of no more use..
Back then I used to fight unconsciously
Not giving a damn about consequences nor time as it passes
never have I expected time to be such a burden

Every second that passes by I feel it
It is much longer and painful than any fight I've attended
I won't be fighting anymore, I have let my sword down
I will be waiting as I lay down my sins and miseries
All over the battleground
no interest in being brought back to that lasting fight I show
Nor do I cherish being rescued
I have fallen , Weak with no guards , openly stabbed in between the depths of my heart.

Tears I no longer hold back , memories I have erased
Regrets are what keep my blood running and warm
I had nothing to lose yet I lost.

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