Maze of me; The unknown; Mental Membrane
My mind is a maze, for which at any moment has the slightest change without any warning or notice. Many say I’m weird, some say I’m crazy, also that I’m challenged in a mental sense. I’ve always been different from others. I have accepted who I was and the person I’ve become. Abnormalities are what makes us human. Our imperfect imperfections are what makes us unique. Every single different mind is what helps us all learn and grow, no matter if good or bad outcome. The likes and dislikes of one another as individuals makes life seem interesting, not because of the differences but simply the change and number of emotions that linger throughout stratosphere. The lies, secrets, negativity, and spiteful actions is what makes life difficult. Seems to get worse as the world gets older and more advanced. I say only if a person genuinely cares, that is when the Unknown is Known.