The Deep Sea
Bold and fearless, he spoke of his daring feat,
A sailor at heart, with a spirit untamed and neat.
Through eyes of steel, and a soul full of thrill, He shared his adventurous tales with a skillful skill.

In his weathered hands, an old twine he grasped,
Taunt and true, through the salty waters he mapped.
Deeper and deeper, into the unknown,
In the depths of the sea, his spirit was flown.

In the heart of the ocean, where no light dare shine,
Lies a world of secrets, a realm divine.
He claimed to have touched the ocean floor, Where even the bravest waves couldn't roar.

With fingers tracing the curves, the dark crevices,
Where nature's mysteries lay, hidden and elusive.
He counted the leagues, the fathoms, the miles, His face beaming, with the rarest of smiles.
Through treacherous currents, he sailed without fear,
On a voyage of new discoveries.
© Simrans

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