Simple Sue
Just a simple Sue.
Silent and solemn.
Nothing exciting,
nor just on the surface. Everything deep,
Drowning in nothing.
Says what she means.
Always confusing.

Walls covered in writings,
written in invisible ink.
No time to waste on small talk.
She's felt the power of words.

Ask what she's thinking...
She'll ask you which thought. Always too many to pull out just one.
Not enough to decide on.
She goes back in her thoughts.

She's cold and she's lacking.
Don't melt in her gaze.
See scars
See she loves fiercely
and deeply she feels.
Speaking quotes she read somewhere,
While bleeding pain out on paper.

She writes on the lines.
She reads the same way.

No secrets or puzzles,
no riddles to solve.
Straight forward,
soft spoken.
Stuttering and stumbling
on words without rhyme.

She hides when it's hectic,
behind the elephant in the room.
Truth clearly hidden,
right in plain sight.

She's simple Sue.
No more.
No less.
Just me.
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