What is love?
Love is a deep feeling that you create on your heart to each other.

And what are the signs of love, like how can you recognize or identify or notice when someone has fallen in love with you,
They try to get close to you, will always be proud of you, and when he's with you, you'll feel comfortable and safe to communicate with him. And he will always makes you smile, He will never try to change you, He will love you for who you are, and your lovely personality that you have, and will give positive advice like " be yourself honey, never let anything scare you."Moreover he will encourage you to do your own thing, and will be proud of loving such a precious soul, also he will keep his promises and never betray you or hurt you or make you cry.
he will always look out for you and your dreams ahead. This is true love's like. Sometimes some people don't get that, but I'm pretty sure this is the kind of love that everyone wants in their life.
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