Dear wonderful Mama!
When I woke up this morning,
I felt something different.
Then reality hit me,
Revealing the true joy of humanity.

I couldn't resist picking up my pen
To capture my thoughts,
Gracefully gliding across the paper.
Even though it came suddenly,
I told myself I wouldn’t fall behind.

Oh, Mamawy, not everyone deserves
To celebrate birthdays,
For they are not worthy,
Not meeting the mark.
You are one in a million.

Often I wonder
At the mystery of your creation.
You bring smiles to everyone’s faces
Without asking for anything in return.
You are truly wonderful.

Mamawy, dear mother,
The exceptional "mother of us boys."
May Allah continue to bless you
With nirvana, success, and fortune.
May you live long like the black coral,
To see the prosperity of all your children.

© Oluwaninshola