Symphony of life

In the realm of tears, where pretty eyes reside,
A tale unfolds of sorrows deeply inside.
The one adorned with beauty, like the morning dew,
Cried the most, a river of emotions, true.

A heart so kind, a gentle, caring soul,
Yet beneath the surface, pain took its toll.
The kindest heart, an ocean of empathy,
Bore the heaviest burdens, silently.

Amidst the chaos, a mind so calm,
Weathered storms, a soothing balm.
Suffered silently, in the quietest way,
The calmest mind, facing the harshest fray.

In the symphony of life, where stories unfold,
Each verse echoes pain, untold.
For the prettiest eyes, the kindest heart,
And the calmest mind, each played their part.

© Aboorva