Skies' Dichotomy: Grey and Bright
When the sky is grey,
it's going to rain,
When the sky is bright,
everything's going to be alright,
Nature's rhythms,
an eternal refrain,
Life's seasons,
in day and night.
Grey clouds gather,
heavy with rain,
Whispering secrets of the sky,
Nature's tears,
a joyful refrain,
Preparing the earth,
to say goodbye.
But in the brightness,
hope takes flight,
Painting the canvas in hues so bold, Sunlight dances,
a radiant sight,
Warming the world in its stronghold.
The storm may rumble,
lightning may strike,
Yet after the tempest,
calmness finds its way,
Troubles might come,
but joy alike,
The sun will shine again,
come what may.
So when the sky is grey,
don't fear the rain,
It nurtures growth,
washing away the sorrow,
Bright skies remind us,
amid the strain,
That there's hope in every tomorrow.
© #kukku2024