strangers again
To think two years ago you were just a stranger
When I was a niave and lonley teenager
I remember thinking "I could never hate her"
Because back then you were my favorite stranger

Over the next few months strangers turned to friends turned to knowing all your secrets
I didn't know how that came to be but I thanked Jesus
Because now that your here I never felt as alone as I used to, so frequent
You lit up my life with your humor and sweetness

Cheering on sidelines
Missing the guidelines
To go watch the sunrise
Our limits unconfined
I was your best friend and you were mine

when you met him you became more distant
But at first I was okay because you made a commitment
Never where resistant
The insecurities of mine nonexistent
To make us continue I was persistent
And you left me for him ever so insistent

When things got bad I'm sure that he
Felt better knowing he was your only priority
And that it settled his insecurity
Using mine against me is the irony
The humorless hypocrisy
Of him taking you away from me

But after all said in done your the one to blame
I tried thinking that it didn't matter anyway
But in my heart a burning flame
When you publicly acclaim
How happy you are, without any shame
How suddenly our friendship you overcame
Never again said my name

And that's when I realized I lost my best friend
A dagger, a wound, a tragic end
Still you smile like nothing happened,
And force me to pretend
Like you weren't my light, my angel from heaven
And I guess you aren't because you dont do what you did to a friend,
So I'll dreadfully label you as my stranger again.