Bring back that old school love
Have you ever been in love?
Not that hurtful, horrible love.
I mean the butterfly in tummy,
sweaty palms when you see them,
heart skips a beat when they
look at you type of love.

The type of love where you
hold hands when you walk together,
steal a kiss in the rain for leisure,
doodle both your names in
all your notebooks next to
"together forever xoxoxo"

The kinda love where you miss
them just before they leave.
The "can't get them off my brain
type of ish that leaves you
weak in the knees.
Love that crossed boundaries
to the impossible, but
respected borders of virtue.
Love that never hurt you.

These days though, most people
search for love in dollar bills,
sex and convenience.
Paper chasing women with
worthless wills who won't work
their brains, but spread legs wide
for human automated teller machines.
These machines make it rain,
hoping flowers bloom to
attract those butterflies we all love to feel.

Let's not forget the need for speed fanatics.
Quick to hit and never commit.
These brothers lay it on thick and smooth
like butter cream frosting with their
gigantic antics and tactics.
Selling love through their teeth to buyers
with big hearts worn on their sleeves.

These victims and culprits make you wonder
who's buying and who's selling love?
Because for me to win in love, I have to
sell out my virtue or wear the hurt of
what I knowingly or unknowingly bought.

But I'm not for any of the above,
I want that plain, old-fashioned
type of love.
So bring it back like a throw back.
Real love is what I'm down with.
Eff fake! Ain't nobody got time
for that ish!

© King.Canvas