Freckles and Messy Hairs...

I wake up with your freckled thoughts
as my hairs began messy
my heart a mess with you,

I looked into my mirror
with freckles popping out in brown red,

I was cheery yet exhausted for today
and everyday with thought of yours.
I have duality, and you knew that.

Like a sunshine!
and like a cold stoner, but I don't smoke
but I act like drunkard but I didn't.

You know the reason, it's you.

decide me what I want to be
in this two, of dilemmas a good or bad one.

I have prayed to god to have you daily,
I have killed souls, instead of hunting
whom they hurt you.

I have commit the sin of lust
and you the sin of love,
when I ask you for making love.

you think I'm lustful
ya I'm. but not a betrayer to
betray you.
I'm lustful and soulful towards you,
and that's my forever to prove you.

You loved my freckles,
you touch is daily with your lips
you love my messy hair,
that your hands can't stop traversing
it, into mine.

as I wake up, everyday in my bed
full of roses
I know you where always there
looking my freckles and messy hair
while handing me a cup of coffee.

I know you were there always
with me.
in my dreams and even in real,
I'll never leave you my sweetheart.

© HazelBlue